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How to mine SAVI on the CoinSavi app
How to mine SAVI on the CoinSavi app
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How to mine SAVI on the CoinSavi application

When using CoinSavi, you can not only invest with more than +350 diverse coins, reasonable transaction fees, and absolute security with 23 layers, but you can also mine additional SAVI for free to enrich your collection. your coins. SAVI can be exploited easily with just a smart phone. Please follow the following article to learn and see CoinSavi's detailed SAVI mining instructions.

Step 1. Login to your CoinSavi account.

Step 2. At the bottom of the application screen, click the "Mining" / "Mining" tab

Step 3. Click the Mining / Mining button to perform SAVI mining.

Note: On the SAVI mining screen, it will show the number of SAVI you mined, the number of sessions and the mining speed. Note that, each user will have 1 default mining session equivalent to 4 hours for 1 mining day. Users are encouraged to perform KYC from level 2and trade at least 20$ to have 3 full mining sessions. Each mining session will mine 0.08 SAVI.

How to mine more SAVI?

There are 2 ways to mine more SAVI:

Your own mining power: You can mine SAVI yourself with an initial mining power of 0.08 SAVI per session. Your mining power will be tripled when unlocking 3 sessions. And will continue to receive an additional SAVI when you hold the mining chain for 7 days or more, 14 days or more, 21 days or more. You can perform additional tasks to speed up mining.

  • To perform mission: Perform mission to speed up SAVI mining. Users click Boost mining to see the available tasks. Then, press 'Go Now' to perform the task. See more about quests to speed up digging here.

  • Keep mining chain: Hold mining chain every day to increase mining speed and number of tokens achieved. As long as you mine continuously for 7 days (no break), you will earn an extra 0.42 SAVI. If you keep mining for 14 consecutive days, the number of SAVI you can earn will increase to 0.504 SAVI. And for 21 consecutive days, you will earn 0.588 SAVI.

Referral Mining Power: You can increase your mining power by referring your friends.

With "Referral" feature, you can:

  • Introduce friends by sharing Referral code or registration link.

  • See the number of downlines that have registered an account and completed level 2 KYC.

  • See the number of active downlines within the last 24 hours.

Above are the ways to mine SAVI coins on the CoinSavi app. In addition to free token mining, CoinSavi is also a cryptocurrency exchange with hundreds of coins, high liquidity, full technical tools and effective customer service. by CoinSavi team, we are confident that you will have a seamless investment experience, many opportunities to diversify your portfolio and find profits in the cryptocurrency market.

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